No parent, grandmother, cousin, or neighbour can resist the cuteness of itty bitty little baby shoes for itty bitty feet.

Many pediatricians say that barefoot is best, but that isn't particularly practical a lot of the time, and it really isn't very fun either.

Where it was once advised that a hard-soled shoe provides a sturdy platform for your little one as they learn to walk, both personal experiences and medical observation have noted that a hard-soled shoe is not ideal for most young babies and toddlers. In fact, especially if they aren't flexible or don't have non-skid soles, many baby shoes can actually make it harder for your baby to take their first steps.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Berger in “Parents” magazine, hard, restrictive shoes may affect foot development in babies. Tight, hard-soled shoes limit the amount of movement in your child's feet.

On the contrary, thin soft-soled shoes allow your child to feel the ground, allowing a better grip and promoting natural muscle development.

Fun Facts on Foot Development

Things to Consider

The Added Bonus
Soft soled shoes are super easy to put on. There is nowhere near the struggle of putting on a traditional hard-soled shoe. And when you've got a baby or toddler, you've got enough struggles.

Soft Soles FTW
At the end of the day, its soft-soled shoes For The Win (FTW). They are better for your babe’s foot development, easier for them to walk in, easier to put on, and just plain great. So what are you waiting for? Get your sneak on.


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